Enjoy Sulitjelma

The campsite at lake Daja is the perfect site to start exploring the Sulitjelma mountains. Close to the Junkerdalen national park, and a perfect place to start your hike to the Swedish national parks Sarek and Padjelanta. Arctic wilderness right outside your cabin door.

Your Adventure starts Here

Accomodation and booking

Cosy cabins, tenting area by the lake, and areas for Camper van and Caravan. Press the picture to get more information and booking.

Visit the glacier

The glaciers are magic. Several tousand years old, but still looking good. Do not walk on the glaciers without a guide or proper knowledge.

The coppermines

Visiting the coppermines is a must on the bucket list. Press the picture for more information.

" Norge på langs"

Our camp site is a perfect stop for taking a rest, or picking up your depot for the trip. Contact us by pressing the picture. We will help you with your questions.

Hiking the mountains

If you like hiking in the mountains, Sulitjelma is the perfect place to visit.
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Our Cafeteria is open mostly the summer and Easter seasons, but we can offer You a full Meal and Adventure experiance. Send us your request for the "time of your life" by pressing the picture.

some of The most common questions

How is Sulitjelma now?

Pressing the picture will give you the latest information from the web cameras.

 How do i get there ?

Back in "the old days" you had to take boat and train to get to Sulitjelma. Now it is only 40 min. by car from Fauske, and 1 hour 30 min from Bodø. Press the picture to visit reis nordland.no to find the Bus from Bodø or Fauske. Taxi is an alternative, but expensive.

How is the weather ?

YR.no will give you the latest weather forecast. Just press the picture.

Picture is from the inner shore of lake Lomi.

do we need a fishing license ?

Yes. You can buy the license at inatur.no
Just press the picture.

What to do in the winter ?

There is a snow mobile track going to Sweden from our camp site. We can take you for a ride on our snow mobiles. Only as passengers. If you like to explore the Northern Lights, book your trip here.

What about grosery store?

Check out our COOP Prix store by pressing the picture.

More questions?

Contact us if you need more information