Guided tours


Come fishing with us! Try to get one of the great halibuts, the big cods, pollack, or one of the other fishes living in the Saltenfjorden. Visit the seaeagle, the small whales, explore Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest maelstroem, or just enjoy the Nort Norwegian bright summernight. Taste the delicious shrimps, served with
mayonaise, lemon and white bread, while we are showing you the fantastic fjord, and sorrundings.
Visit the fjord where Raud den Rame, and his vikings once ruled.


In the wintertime, you can explore the Nordic wilderness in the Sulitjelma mountains.
Hunting for the northern light, tracks from the wolverine and the lynx, looking at the reindeers, and enjoying a nice meal around the bonfire. Close your eyes and tel me what you hear.. Nothing!
The fantastic silence in the majestic mountain, or baybe you want to explore the real nasty winterweather?